Firstly thanks for taking a few moments to visit the home of SmileyPic. We do hope you take the time to look around and enjoy the website and program.


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So What is This About?

The best thing about SmileyPic is that it is completely 100% FREE . It's also 100% free of spy-ware or anything else that most people don't willingly want installed on their PC. Sadly some smiley programs install extra stuff onto your PC and browser without your permission. Those that ask for permission then cripple the program if you don't install the extras. Some people are aware of programs like this but you see many cases of where people weren't. If you install too many of these programs then your PC can can end up looking like this...

(click picture below to see full size)

The Forum includes program, guide and package updates and other info. To get the latest news about everything you can register and subscribe to whichever thread you want. The Forum is also where SmileyPic users can share their experiences, feeback and images amongst other things. There is a quick start guide that shows you the basics of SmileyPic, and there's more to come. It even contains a video so you can see SmileyPic in action even before you use it. If you are unsure of anything then just ask in the Forum no matter how stupid the question

The program is in it's early life but as more people use it, join and share in the community then they will help it's development. Feedback is more than welcomed as it will again help the community of SmileyPic users. So why not register and say you were there from the beginning?

If you are still uncertain about installing the program, then you can also download just the program itself (if your PC already has certain updates/files) and start using the program straight away without even installing it. This information is in the Forum